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Why The Guardians Style Of Baseball Is Perfect For The Postseason

Cleveland has strung hits together, stolen bases, and bunted all season long. This is a perfect formula for postseason success.
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Some may call the Guardians brand of baseball old-school, others may call it disgusting, but I call it the perfect style of baseball for the postseason.

There's no denying that the Guardians have approached the game a little differently than other teams this season. They were self-aware and realized they wouldn't be the hardest-hitting team but they could still make up for it in other ways. For example, base running, stealing, and defense. 

This approach could actually be an advantage for them as they head into the playoffs.

The reality is that the small ball brand the Guardians have played this year becomes a lot more popular and necessary in the postseason. Teams in tight games may be more likely to lay down a bunt to advance a runner, or get a little more aggressive and attempt a steal than they may have been in a game in July.

Luckily, this is something the Guardians have done all season, and it's the reason they find themselves in the playoffs. It's what they're comfortable doing. 

They also won't have to change anything they've relied on either, unlike some teams who may have leaned on the long ball.

It's much harder to hit home runs in the playoffs. Better pitching is part of it but so is science. The cooler temperatures in some parks prohibit the ball from traveling as far making some balls with a high exit velocity turn into pop flies on the warning track.

The Guardians have also been the most disciplined team all season which will become useful when they start to see better pitching. They have the highest contact percentage in baseball with a 80.9 percent while also striking out the fewest times.

This combination could be a nightmare for an opposing pitching staff.

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Now it's time to see what this team and their brand of baseball can do once the playoffs start on October 3.  


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