Texas Rangers Announce Ticket Refund Policy for 'Impacted' Games in April

Chris Halicke

After direction from MLB on Tuesday, the Texas Rangers are giving fans an opportunity to get their money back for games in April that have been impacted by the novel coronavirus pandemic. 

Regarding single-game tickets, fans can either receive a full refund or a credit (like a rain check) for the game. If fans choose the latter, they will also receive an additional voucher for the equivalent number of tickets (up to four) for an additional non-premier game in 2020.

Fans are to go to www.mlb.com/rangers/fans/update to fill out the necessary information so a season ticket representative can contact single-game ticket holders to discuss the options. 

The Rangers were to have played their 18th home game of the season at Globe Life Field on Wednesday. 

The only game exempt from this refund policy is the originally scheduled home opener on March 31 against the Los Angeles Angels. In hopes that fans will be allowed in ballparks at some point in 2020, the Rangers are protecting those tickets for the first game that fans are allowed to attend. 

Regarding season and group ticket holders, their sales representatives will be contacting their clients individually. Credit will be issued for the 17 games lost in April, and as incentive, the Rangers will also be offering credit for concessions and merchandise.

These refund policies only apply to tickets purchased directly through the Texas Rangers. Any fans seeking refunds on tickets purchased through third-party vendors must contact them directly and are subject to their policies.

Optimism is growing among officials and executives in MLB that baseball will be played at some point in 2020. A number of plans have been discussed, including a few that have become public knowledge. These contingency plans range from a one-location setup to teams playing at their home ballparks in Major League cities in realigned divisions. Any contingency plan anticipates games without fans at the outset, but are hopeful that fans will eventually be allowed to attend games in 2020. 

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Comments (2)
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I am in the same boat with a 20 game package with the Rangers, and now I have been laid-off. I do not know where I will be next season if they want to carry tickets over. If the season starts in July and eventually they let some fans in I most likely would not make 20 games in a shortened season because for one I do not live in Arlington.


I talked with my Texas Rangers rep this morning. He told me that I could NOT get a refund on my 20-Game Season Ticket package even for the games that would have already been played. Bad Policy. They are holding my money hostage. Not a good way to create solid, loyal long-term relationships. Eventually this fiasco with the Rangers ticket policy will come to an end. They can mark me down on the Not Interested side of the ledger from now forward.
May 21, 2020