Daily Cover: Scott Boras Had an Unknown Minor League Career

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Scott Boras is regarded as one of the best sports agents in MLB. On today's edition of Daily Cover, SI's Stephanie Epstein detail's Boras' stint as a minor league baseball player. 

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Robin Lundberg: Scott Boras is a major league agent. But did you know he was a minor league player? For more, I'm joined by our Stephanie Apstein for today's Daily Cover. Stephanie, you got a chance to cover his modern league exploits? 

Stephanie Apstein: Yes. He was pretty surprised when I called them and told them that I actually want to talk about his own career. I think a lot of people don't realize that he was a pretty good baseball player himself.


Robin Lundberg: Did he negotiate the coverage here?

Stephanie Apstein: He did not, but he did negotiate his own deals as a player. He at one point was leading the team in batting average. And so the next year he went to his bosses and said that he thought he deserved to be paid a little bit more than the minimum. And so they agreed. And he said that was his first negotiation.


Robin Lundberg: What kind of numbers did he put up?

Stephanie Apstein: Unfortunately, some of those numbers are lost to history. But he hit pretty well. He had a pretty good eye, not a lot of power, not a lot of defensive range. But he was a pretty good player. If he hadn't been injured, he might have had a chance to make it as a sort of a bench player in the majors. 

Robin Lundberg: Well, sure, he was getting his cuts in then, but we know he's getting his cut now. Stephanie, appreciate your time, as always.

Analysis from Max Goodman of InsideThePinstripes: The day before Gerrit Cole inked his $324 million deal with the Yankees this past December, his agent held his annual Winter Meetings press conference. Dressed in his Boras Corporation half-zip, Scott Boras emerged in the hotel lobby. Hundreds of reporters, photographers and even pedestrian fans jostled for position to hear what he had to say—it was as though Cole himself had offered up an impromptu media availability to reveal his free agency plans. Little did we know at the time, Boras was on pace to negotiate contracts for his clients totaling north of $1 billion over just a few weeks. In New York, Boras is a familiar face, with clients including Alex Rodriguez, Bernie Williams, Mark Teixeira and more. Just as he's been able to "stay in the game" after his Minor League career, there's no doubt he'll be a constant presence around the Yankees organization for years to come.

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