Will Prince Fielder be the Highest Paid Baseball player in 2020?

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Retired MLB first baseman Prince Fielder hasn't played a professional game since 2016. Despite that fact, Fielder still owed $24 million from the Texas Rangers as part of the last year of his contract. Current players and owners are in discussion as to how to handle player salaries due to a shortened season caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Depending on the outcome, Fielder could be this season's highest paid player. SI's Robin Lundberg reacts to the bizarre story and details why this just another example of why most fans could care less about financial disputes between owners and players. 

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Robin Lundberg: In a time where it is hard to reach a consensus on anything, one thing everyone seems to agree upon is that they don’t want to hear about MLB players and teams fighting over money. A good example why could be Prince Fielder’s contract. As Prince might be MLB’s highest paid player this season despite not playing in a game since 2016.

Prince Fielder

 And it’s not like he’s hurt, he’s retired. According to the Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal, Fielder is set to make $24 million if the March agreement between players and owners hold. 

And given possibly prorated salaries for other stars based on games played, that gives him a chance to lead the league. Now I’m not hating on what he negotiated, and obviously the details of that deal came way before the current circumstances. But if things stay the same, Prince is certainly set to be living like a King.

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