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Traina Thoughts: MLB Players Tweet Angrily at a Twitter-less Chris "Mad Dog" Russo

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Major League Baseball players and owners have been at odds over a return to play scenario for weeks now. Yesterday several players went to social media to reply to harsh comments made by SiriusXM Radio Host Christopher "Mad Dog" Russo. Sports Illustrated's Corey Parson and Jimmy Traina discuss the topic in today's "Traina Thoughts". 

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Corey Parson: Over the past couple of weeks, Major League Baseball players and owners have been grappling over a return to play date. Well, yesterday, Major League Baseball players turned their sights to a new rival, Sirius XM radio host Christopher Mad Dog Russo. Joining me now to discuss this story is Sports Illustrated's Jimmy Traina. Jimmy, when you look at what happened yesterday on social media between Mad Dog Russo and the players, what are some of your thoughts?

Jimmy Traina: Well, you know, I understand why the players are upset. I mean, Russo's take was pretty outrageous. I mean, I tried to sort of explain it to him during our interview Thursday morning, but I thought it was comical that the players were just--every player was coming on Twitter and ripping him to shreds when the guy doesn't use Twitter, check Twitter, have Twitter. You know, the video came from his show's account. He told me this morning that he doesn't even have Twitter on his phone, he barely knows how to use this phone. So all the tweets are sort of in vain. He has a producer who told them he was getting killed by the players. But it's not like he's sitting there, you know, scrolling through like we would. 

Corey Parson: Let me ask you this, Christopher Mad Dog Russo leans on his years of experience now mainly his most popular time was when he was with Mike Francesa doing the Mike and the Mad Dog program on WFAN in New York City. But since then, his work with Sirius XM and particularly MLB Network. How's that been going for him?

Jimmy Traina: Oh, Sirius keeps renewing his contract. He's on his third contract there at Sirius. So they're happy with what he's doing. And, you know, MLB Network, he's been there for a really long time. So the bosses are happy. And, you know, Sirius is it's not a place where you judge on ratings. It's a subscription based company. So it's hard to gauge it because you don't know actual listeners like you do in traditional radio.

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