While there have certainly been a number of opinions surrounding the underachieving Yankees in 2021, their former third baseman, turned broadcaster Alex Rodriguez chimed in on the current status of the team recently, as well.

“The way the Rays and the Red Sox are going, I think, unless there’s radical change—and I don’t see one coming—I think the party’s over at least this year for the Yankees,” said Rodriguez on FOX Sports on Monday evening.

It’s no secret that the Yankees feature a predominantly right-handed hitting lineup with the 37-year-old Brett Gardner being the only regular lefty bat.

According to Rodriguez, this is one of the major flaws that has led to the Yankees sitting in a tie for third place in the American League East.

“As a right-handed hitter, I loved having a left-handed guy right behind me like [Ken] Griffey [Jr.], or [Mark] Teixieira, or [Hideki] Matsui," Rodriguez added. "What we want as a lineup, we want lefty-righty-lefty-righty. That way, that opposing manager always has a tough decision. Right now, the way that team is architected, there’s eight righties against a righty [pitcher]. They’re last in doubles, they’re last in triples, they’re second in double plays. They have made a ton of outs, almost 40 outs, on the bases.”


At 46-43 and eight games back in the division entering play on Friday, the Yankees’ schedule doesn’t get any easier as 11 of their first 13 games after the All-Star break are against the Boston Red Sox and Tampa Bay Rays.

The Bronx Bombers currently have a ton of ground to make up, as they sit 4.5 games back of the second Wild Card spot in the AL.

If they don’t turn things around quickly against their divisional foes, they could wind up being sellers by the end of the month.


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