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The Women Of Hot Clicks

They say time flies when you're having fun, and that certainly has been the case with Hot Clicks, which celebrates its one-year anniversary today. In honor of that milestone, we'd like to thank the readers, who have made Hot Clicks successful enough to last one year. We'd like to thank anyone who's ever e-mailed us a link, because we love anyone who makes our job easier. We'd also like to thank all the creative and original bloggers out there. Without them, we'd have no links in Hot Clicks. And lastly, we'd like to give big thanks to all of the women who have taken turns at the top of Hot Clicks. Let's face facts: Without them, things would be just a bit duller around here. So, in honor of those fine ladies, and as a way to say thanks to our readers, we've gone through each edition of Hot Clicks from the past year, and pulled the 50 best photos that we've used. Without further ado, we present to you, "The Women of Hot Clicks."

The Women Of Hot Clicks :: Getty Images/AP

Throw It Down!

All Balls searches YouTube to find the Top 10 Dunks In NBA Playoff History.

eBay Item Of The Day

It's bad enough this person is selling a PowerBar Carbohydrate Electrolyte Gel wrapper that Lance Armstrong threw in the trash, but the seller says in his description, "Conceivably, winners of this auction can even clone Lance Armstrong. All the prospective buyer would have to do is extract Lance's DNA from the gel pack, ship it off to some random lab, and a few months later, you'd have your own Lance Armstrong!" (Thanks to Michael, of Chicago, for sending us the link.)

So Much Time, So Little To Do

Now that Isiah Thomashas been barred from speaking to any Knicks player, Simon on Sports put together a blog that covers a day in the life of New York City's least favorite person.

This Guy Is Quite The Character

Sean Avery :: Rob Loud

Since we haven't watched hockey since 1994, here's what we know about New York Ranger Sean Avery. He used to dateElisha Cuthbert, he likes to flip the bird and he did something recently that caused the NHL to flip out and immediately add a rule. And now comes news, via The Big Lead, that Avery, shown above at a fashion show that took place last September, will spend his summer interning at Vogue -- seriously.

Not Just For Ashes

Since urns adorned with team logos are all the rage these days, Blue Monkey Disco Party thought it would be fun to see what each Major League team would do if they were given a complimentary urn.

Dealing The Cards

Charz2k is so pumped up by the Cardinals' unexpected hot start that it's comparing Red Bird players to, in Charz2k's words, "the coolest team of all-time ... the kids from The Sandlot." (Thanks to Alexander, of University City, Mo., for sending us the link.)

More Good Times For Beantown

Red Sox Monster is all pumped up about the newest member of "The Nation."

The Worse Thing About Blackjack

Anyone who likes to play blackjack can relate to this all-to-true "Open Letter To The Guy Who Sat Next To Me At The Blackjack Table Last Weekend" piece penned by the folks at Food Court Lunch. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Who Wants To Make A Movie? gives you the exact formula for making your own Judd Apatow movie.

Today In Campus Clicks

Cheerleaders :: Cameron Spencer/Getty Images

Cheerleaders are more popular in India than in the U.S. ... Senior trip to ... Clevleand? ... Tommy Lee and Ludacris to hold eco-friendly competitions ... Video: Loving Jake Long.

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Sports Video Of The Day

Via Docksquad's Sports World comes this Steve Nash commercial that spoofs the Sixty-Million Dollar Man and transforms Nash into the world's first recycled man.

Howard Stern Video Of The Day

This will probably get taken down at some point, but for those of you who wanted to see the big fight that took place last week, here it is. And if anyone from DirecTV is reading this, please add Howard TV. Thanks. (Warning: Link contains strong language.)

Lost Video Of The Day

The castaways return tomorrow night, so here's a prediction on what will happen next.

Painful Video Of The Day

Flipping around is impressive until you knock someone out. (Thanks to Nick, of Orlando, Fla., for sending us the link.)

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