Cheyenne Woods, Reason to Watch Women's Golf: Campus Clicks

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Start Paying Attention to Wake Forest Golf

Golfer Cheyenne Woods has the talent and the pedigree. :: AP

If anyone's going to make women's college golf popular, it's going to be Wake Forest's Cheyenne Woods. She's attractive, talented and happens to be Tiger Woods' niece. Not a bad combo.

Neuheisel's Meteoric Rise to Mediocrity

After a mere two games helming the UCLA football ship, Rick Neuheisel has already caught up to Pete Carroll, though admittedly in a distressing, mortifying way. Rumors and Rants has unearthed this downright mind-boggling stat: During his lengthy tenure as USC coach, Carroll's Trojans have gone 78-14, losing those 14 games by a combined total of 59 points. Neuheisel's Bruins, on the other hand, managed to lose by 59 in just one game. Impressive.

No One's That Tan

Earlier this week, we told you about America's newest downfall: tanorexia (aka, the addiction to tanning). But Kirk Herbstreit, for one, is about more than bronzer and UV-rays. According to Busted Coverage, Herbstreit complained that his picture on the ESPN GameDay bus was too tan. It was nothing a little Photoshop work couldn't fix, however, and the new bus (with a nice and pasty Kirk) debuted this Saturday at USC.

Take That, Tecmo

Deon Murphy has moves like Bo. :: Stephen Dunn /Brian Bahr/Getty Images

Last night's matchup between Louisville and Kansas State was more than just a battle between two programs in a rut -- it was a stage for KSU punt returner Deon Murphy to showcase his Bo Jackson-esque, Tecmo Super Bowl-style runs. Fan IQ has the videos to prove it.

They Whipped Us Like a Tied-Up Goat

We all know athletes and coaches churn out amusing quotes with great regularity -- just go to any blog, watch any press conference or check out a Coors Light commercial for proof. Since it 'tis the season, Bleacher Report compiled 15 of the funniest college football quotes. We at SIOC are big fans of hyperbole (such a useful literary and oratory device), so John Heisman's quote ("Gentleman, it is better to die a small boy than to fumble this football.") takes the cake.

Hey there, 203

Move over Chris Cooley, there's a new gridiron blogger in town (and this one keeps his clothes on). Every Wednesday, Wisconsin center John Moffitt shares his musings with the masses, and this week he's got only one thing on his mind: area codes. Area codes on eye-black, area codes on helmets, area codes shaved into hair. It's all a little too much for Moffitt.

Start Your Download

This is a proud day for SIOC. Dan Rubenstein (of SI Tour Guy fame) and Ty Hildenbrandt (the Quick Slants guru) have teamed up to share their wit and insight with the iPod generation. Check out episode five of their podcast, Solid Verbal, to hear the dynamic duo chat about Beanie Wells, Iowa City and the illustrious "Phil Steele Threshold."

Joe Paterno Might Disagree

Despite the fact that Ohio State barely beat Ohio, got throttled by USC and still doesn't have a healthy starting running back, not all Buckeye fans have given up on their national title dreams. Keep drinking the Kool-Aid, kids.

Pop Culture Nugget

It takes a lot of work (and glue) to look like Sarah Palin.

Today In Hot Clicks

Redskins cheerleaders :: Simon Bruty/SI

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Odds and Ends

Bidding on Sacramento State student's virginity passes $275,000 ... Watch out for the naked men around Campus ... University Dean tells Auburn fans not to boo LSU ... Get your Google cell phone (it's a dream).

Professor Wikipedia

Check out CollegeHumor's hilarious take on what it would be like if Wikipedia were your professor and not just your main, unreliable source for last-minute research.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Take a Tumble

Crowd surfing works best when there are people, and not just an abyss, below you.

Ridiculous Dancer Tumbles Off Stage - Watch more free videos

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