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The Ladies Have Spoken

Tim Tebow, Reggie Bush, Tom Brady:: Getty Images

No, this isn't April Fool's Day. There is a reason for the picture above. We pretty much assumed the Hot Clicks audience was comprised of males only, but that's not true. The female readers have been very vocal lately (in fact, it was Amanda, of Vancouver Island, who told us aboutMegan Fox's love of female strippers) and have asked for a one-day break from the usual fare that takes place at the top of Hot Clicks. A few weeks ago, we told you aboutFatima, of Riverdale, N.J., who said, "Hot Clicks needs to realize women also watch sports. Where's the love the for the ladies??!!" Last week, Kerri, of Los Angeles e-mailed to day, "I understand why you focus on hot women, but you should give us ladies a treat every now and then, too. Even I think Erin Andrews is hot, but that doesn't mean I wouldn't want to see Tim Tebow at the top of Hot Clicks just once." And Thursday, Amber, of Washington, wrote, "Just writing in to let you guys know that I love HOT CLICKS! I check it on a daily basis. One thing I've noticed is that I always scroll past the first article. Why, you may ask? Cause I'm OVER seeing cute, adorable girls whose images I will NEVER be able to live up to! I see it enough in regular girlie mags, but you mean to tell me that I am subjected to deal with them in the sports world too?! I'm asking, requesting, begging, PLEADING with you guys ... please, just ONE day can you have a HOT, adorable guy on the front page? That'll make my day, if for only one day. Thanks!"

So because we aim to please, we're giving the ladies their day in the sun. We e-mailed the three women who wrote in and asked them who they'd want to see in Hot Clicks and who they think are the best looking male athletes. They each responded and we put their answers in this photo gallery. However, just so the guys out there don't think we've completely lost our minds, we didn't go too far. We managed to find photos that featured the "hot" male athlete with an attractive female. And as a bonus for the men putting up with this, we even snuck a GREAT Erin Andrews photo into the slideshow. While we want to keep our female readers happy, a gallery of just good-looking men would be crossing a line. That's why we need to get right to the next item...

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