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May Day

May Andersen :: Jeff Bark/SI wasn't the only Web site that underwent a redesign this week. also unveiled a new look. It's always fascinating to check the NBA page and see that Jason Kidd dated SI Swimsuit modelMay Andersen AND Hope Dworaczyk, who just landed at No. 1 on's list of the top 10 NBA Finals WAGs of all time. Back to Andersen for one sec. If she's your type and you have $1,600 to spare, you can hang out with her for a day.

This Is Hardcore

Hot Clicks features a lot of quizzes, but you have to know your stuff to do well on this one, because it tests your knowledge of minor-league baseball hats.

Beauty Is In The Eye Of The Beholder

We've seen these "ugliest uniforms in baseball history" photo galleries before, but I always have the same thought when looking through them: "These are awesome. Every team should go back to these looks."

Hopefully The Trailer Didn't Give Everything Away

The Hangover, starring Heather Graham and Bradley Cooper, among others, comes out this weekend and I expect many of you will see it. In honor of the film's release, looks at the various types of sports hangovers fans suffer through. Magic fans must be feelin' a rough one today.

Heather Graham, Bradley Cooper :: Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Speaking Of The NBA Finals...

Lil' Waynehas released a new song titled Kobe Bryant. ... What is Adam Morrisonthinking about during the NBA Finals? ... Via Shaq's Twitter page: "This is what van gundy and dwight howards baby would look like."

Bookmark It You must watch all the videos. They're only about 30 seconds each. You will laugh at each one, especially when you hear the music/sound effects at the end. (Thanks to Tim Jakobs, of Seattle, for the link.)

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Sports Video Of The Day

Some of you may remember U.S. Congresswoman Corrine Brown's memorable, actually, let's be honest, embarrassing speech about the Florida Gators. Well, Brown is back in the sports world, this time trashing-talking with fellow Congresswoman Maxine Waters about the Magic and Lakers. You have to love our government.

Live TV Video Of The Day

Thank you, Warming Glow. This was the highlight of my morning.

Wet KOMU 8 Live Shot from KOMU News on Vimeo.

Paula Deen Video Of The Day

Friday is National Donut Day. Dunkin' Donuts and Krispy Kreme are giving away free donuts!!! Before you run out to get them, watch this video. The pure joy on Paula Deen's face even though she's putting together one of the nastiest food concoctions ever is pretty damn funny.

Classic Video Of The Day

This has been in Hot Clicks before, yet many of you requested to see it again.

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