Hot Clicks: UFC's Arianny Celeste, more on the Erin Andrews dress

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It's All About You Guys

Since yesterday was the slowest day of the sports year (all that happened was the taping of the ESPYs, where Erin Andrews featured two different looks), things are light today, so I thought this would be the perfect time to do something a little different. Today's Hot Clicks will be an all-reader edition, featuring some of the requests e-mailed to me over the past few days. I'd say half the requests I get are pleas to feature a certain woman in Hot Clicks. There will be a lot of that in today's edition, along with some funny, creative e-mails. Let's kick things off with Lotis Butchko, of Irving, Texas, who says, "Jimmy, I am a longtime fan, but you are losing credit. You cannot continue to talk about the UFC and ignore the beautiful Arianny Celeste. I mean it, put some of her pics on Hot Clicks. You owe us!"

Arianny Celeste :: Courtesy of

An Important Cause

Floyd, of Dumfries, Va.: "Jimmy, if true love like Tony Romo's and Jessica Simpson's can't last, what hope is there for the rest of us? Seriously, have you seen the ladies at the podium at the Tour de France? I mean, if you give Erin Andrews so much love, you have got to check out the ladies at each stage of the Tour. Find Versus and check them out. They do not disappoint. Peace and keep up the good work. P.S.: THANK YOU for your recent Eva Mendes pictorial. She really is underrated."

I've Been Lax

Drew, of Charlotte, N.C.: "This is my first time sending you an e-mail, although I check out Hot Clicks daily. I don't believe you have ever given any love to lacrosse on here. Now, I found a reason for you to. Here is a link with L.C. and Lo [of The Hills] playing some lax and looking good doing so. Who doesn't like to see some pics of L.C.? Hope it makes it on here. Keep up the great work."

An Important Cause

Jon Isle, of Fort Wayne, Ind.: "Whatever happened to the Rock-and-Jock softball and basketball games? I stumbled upon a simple, but amusing petition to bring it back. Would the Hot Clicks readers agree?"

That Dress Again

Heather Graham :: Phillip Massey/Getty Images

Remy Smit, of Amsterdam, the Netherlands: "Yeah, really great dress Erin Andrews is wearing. Nice thing about that dress is that it looked great onDoutzen Kroes, Heidi Montag, Cheryl Burke, Kristin Cavallari and Heather Graham as well."

Paul, of Madison, Wis.: "Jimmy, I saw The Hangover for the third time this weekend. This time with my 62-year-old mom who loved it. Can we get some Heather Graham love and thank Lindsay Lohanfor turning down the part?

Sensational Siblings

Chris, Dearborn, Mich.: "I know you've had all sorts of special Hot Clicks. But today I propose a "Sisters Hot Clicks." And most of it, nay, all of it, has to do with my recent discovery of Monica Cruz. Had no idea Penelope had a sister. Here are some recent pictures of her."


Pat, of Albany, N.Y.: "I was watching a movie called Run, Fatboy, Run last night, which was extremely boring except for the few minutes that India de Beaufort came into the picture. Check her out, I think you will be satisfied."

David, of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan: "So I was watching TV last night and came across a really bad show -- Krod Mandoon and the Flaming Sword of Fire. I wouldn't mention it, but the girl in it (India de Beaufort) made it almost worth watching. I found this link for her."

A Good Closer

Jason C., of Pocatello, Idaho: "I have frequented Hot Clicks for about two years now. Monday could have been the most glorious day of Hot Clicks history with that Marisa Miller posting. Any day there is something about Marisa is a good day. After coming to every day and watching your videos, reading every link or just looking, I feel there is nothing more to see. I urge every reader to end their reading of your blog or whatever you call this thing by going to this link. I think that is the second-best Web page ever, second only to Hot Clicks (I give credit to Preston K., another avid fan of yours from Pocatello, Idaho, for finding this site)."

Twitter And Facebook

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Sports Video Of The Day

Jeff, of Austin, Texas.: "Jimmy, you need to help me out. Tony Romo seems to get a hard time from people, but I actually think he's a cool dude. How can you not respect someone for dating Carrie Underwood AND Jessica Simpson? Who cares if he fumbled a snap in a playoff game? That stuff happens. He just seems like a regular guy, like you and me, and someone who would be fun to hang out with. Anyway, I saw this video yesterday and I think everyone's respect for Romo would go up after watching it, so please post it. By the way, Hot Clicks is the s---."

Tony Romo: Product Spokesman from Tony Romo

Commercial Of The Day

Josh Estes-Waugh, of Paris, Kent.: "Jimmy, longtime follower, first-time poster. Sunday night, my friend Walker and I were watching television when an infomercial promoting the 'potty patch' came on. Evidently, the potty patch is a fake patch of grass that you can put in the corner of your house where your dog can go and 'relieve himself' (actual words from the commercial). Now I know that your page is notorious for ridiculous infomercials that we all enjoy, so when Walker and I saw this we immediately thought of Hot Clicks."

Metallica Of The Day

Mark Thomas, of Irvine, Calif.: "A friend sent this to me. A great video -- a priest who works at a school in Hollywood, Calif., rocks Metallica (yes, Metallica!) with a school band at a school assembly. I wish all clergy were this cool! You should post this as the video of the day."

Happy Birthday Video Of The Day

Josh Altares, of Beaumont, Texas: "Today is my birthday. I am 19 and all I want is for you to watch the following video, enjoy it and post it on Hot Clicks, the greatest compilation of entertainment on the Internets. If you can post that weird United Airlines song, you can post this."

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