Hot Clicks: Shakira a tennis WAG? Brady blows off Kolber

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Why Nadal Is The Real U.S. Open Winner

Juan Martin del Potro may have won the U.S. Open, but I am ignoring what happened on the court and declaring Rafael Nadal the real winner. That's what happens when you are outed in the New York Post for having a flirtatious, late-night conversation with Shakira. Sure, Nadal has been dating his high school sweetheart for three years and this conversation may have been innocent, but it's Shakira and her hips don't lie. So I congratulate Mr. del Potro and urge him to find a famous hottie of his own I can use to lead off Hot Clicks. In the meantime, here are some other tennis WAGs, including the lovely Fabiana Semprebom.

Shakira : Scott Gries/Getty Images

About Last Night

The Patriots pulled off a miraculous last-minute victory over the Bills last night, but much of today's discussion seems to deal with Tom Brady, who did his best to avoid a postgame interview with Suzy Kolber. Jimmy (who, by the way, will be back tomorrow) immediately tweeted that I should call out Brady for being rude. I, however, will do no such thing. The quarterback simply had a leg cramp that needed stretching so he asked Kolber to run alongside him to the locker room. He then had some trouble hearing her over the boisterous Foxboro crowd and asked her to repeat the question. I don't see any harm in that. One person many expect to freak out at some point this year is Terrell Owens, but he was on his best behavior after the game. However, if you must see some drama, BroBible has compiled a nice collection of press conference blowups.

It's All About The Shoes!

Yesterday, I asked what you thought of Michael Jordan's Hall of Fame speech (54 percent thought it was fantastic, 46 percent thought it was terrible). Today, I'll stay away from debate and present Jordan's top 23 commercials.

LT Unplugged

Lawrence Taylor : Walter Iooss Jr./SI

Lawrence Taylor is never boring, and he did not disappoint during a recent taping of YES Network's CenterStage. LT revealed that he had someone else take (and fail) a drug test for him in 1987. He also opened up about his recreational drug use. Best of all, however, is the revelation that his drinking buddy during his Giants days was none other than Bill Parcells. I just hope LT made the Big Tuna do something with his shorts before they hit the town.

Another Side Of Michelle

I never thought Michelle Wie would be the type to post provocative pics of herself on her blog. Guess I was wrong.

Top Tennis Outbursts

If you enjoyed Serena Williams going all McEnroe on the line judge Saturday night, you'll love this collection of the all-time top tennis outbursts.

Poor Dog

While we admire the passion of this LSU fan, there is no need to do this to your poor dog.

Random Links We Liked

The NHL preseason kicked off last night in pretty cool fashion. ... Did these Bengals cheerleaders go to USC? ... This is what happens when sun tans go wrong. ... Attention, single guys -- this 107-year-old woman is looking for her 23rd husband. ... In honor of Kanye West's appearance on Leno last night, here are the five best late-night apologies. ... FX is making a drama about fantasy football ... Ray Romano is going the Charles Barkley route to improve his golf swing.

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Patrick Swayze Video Of The Day

In tribute to the late Patrick Swayze, here's his finest piece of work.

Patrick Swayze - Chippendale
by tressage

Federer Swearing Video Of The Day

There is nothing like hearing an athlete get away with an s-bomb on live TV. (Strong language warning, of course.)

Talking Dog Video Of The Day

I wish my dog,Norman Gray, could do this.

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