NYC Skate Art MashUp

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Thursday night saw a who's who of skate videography line up on stage at the MOMA as part of a special Spike Jonze week at the MOMA. The event was organized by PO'D of Epicly Later'd. At times it was utter chaos as any good skate event should be (especially one at the MOMA) and for a few brief moments the discussion was somewhat serious and clear headed. Highlights included the Gonz running around with a microphone to answer audience questions, Lance Mountain regaling tales from the Bones Brigade era, Spike and Gonz riffing and arguing over Video Days, and Ed Templeton staying calm and thoughtful throughout the whole madness. Greg Hunt shared tales from the DC helicopter and about Mindfield and Ty Evans got a few words in about Lakai, pioneering generators, the old TWS vids and a few other things, while the always humble Tobin Yelland patiently held the mic for the baddest man in skateboarding. When all was said and done, it some how ended with a question for Spike about Sheckler, which stumped everybody.

Friday night was the opening of 'Round N' Round' by Gonz at the Franklin Parrasch gallery. Curated by Jocko Weyland, the show featured classic Gonz doodles, postcards sent to Jocko by Gonz over the years and two videos featuring both Mark riding the entertaining circle board in Paris and Anthony Pappalardo weaving in NYC. Free beers were emptied into a shopping cart and Gonz's kid was clearly thrilled to enter the circle board, even if he only stood still.

Saturday it was deep into Brooklyn to the studio of master photographer Tobin Yelland. Massive prints of some of Tobin's most classic images adorned the walls while Tobin offered some wine or seltzer, in a most un-pretentious studio visit.

Despite the bad weather, there was a lot happening in NY! Click here for more photos.