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NASCAR Roundtable (Related Stories)

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Related stories on Jimmie Johnson, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Kevin Harvick, Denny Hamlin and Greg Biffle in the SI Vault

• Hitting on All CylindersBy Mark Bechtel, August 27, 2001Kevin Harvick is driving Dale Earnhardt's car and doing a lot more besides.

• Dale Earnhardt Jr. And Nascar NationBy Jeff MacGregor, July 1, 2002Sixteen months after the death of its biggest star, stock car racing is bigger than ever, propelled by a new generation of drivers burning rubber through the intersection of sports and commerce.

• Sweet 16By Lars Anderson, May 9, 2005Greg Biffle's no young gun, but at 35 he has the talent--and, finally, the car--to make a run at the Nextel Cup title.

• Shootin' The Breeze With JuniorBy Lars Anderson, February 19, 2007Off the track and on the record with Dale Earnhardt Jr., who talks about growing up, goofing off and missing his dad.

• Denny HamlinBy Mark Beech, December 5, 2007There would be no sophomore slump for 2006 Rookie of the Year Denny Hamlin.

• Fired UpBy Lars Anderson, February 18, 2008Driving for a powerhouse team and with a fresh outlook, NASCAR's most popular driver, Dale Earnhardt Jr., plans to give his fans a lot more to cheer about.

• The Third ManBy Lars Anderson, October 6, 2008Look out, Jimmie and Carl: Undersung Greg Biffle is off to a roaring start in the Chase and hard on your bumpers.

• Jimmie Steps OutBy Lars Anderson, November 24, 2008NASCAR's best driver on the track, sports' next celebrity on the street: the two sides of Cup champ Jimmie Johnson.

• American Hero 2.0By Joe Posnanski, December 24, 2009Jimmie Johnson may not remind you of old-time drivers, but he is the perfect champion for today.

• A Blend That Can't Be BeatBy Lars Anderson, December 24, 2009A unique combination of driving skill and a cerebral approach to racing makes Jimmie Johnson one of a kind: champion for four years running.

• Party Hard And Race HarderBy Lars Anderson, February 15, 2010From fender rubbing to late-night clubbing -- to tweeting about both -- Sprint Cup contender Denny Hamlin is a high-octane blend of old school grit and cutting-edge cool.

• Happy AgainBy Lars Anderson, March 8, 2010After two subpar seasons, Kevin Harvick is off to a roaring start and living up to his nickname.