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Hot Clicks: Adriana Lima; Wake Forest baseball coach donates kidney to player

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The man above is Wake Forest baseball coach Tom Walter. The kid in the hospital bed is Wake Forest freshman baseball player Kevin Jordan. Walter recently went above and beyond the typical coaching duties by donating his kidney to Jordan.

Coach Of The Year

Tom Walker, Kevin Jordan :: AP

Clay Matthews celebrated his Super Bowl win by attending last night's taping of WWE Smackdown and getting involved in the action.

He Could Totally Pass For A WWE Superstar

If you've read Hot Clicks for any period of time, you know that I probably haven't written about any TV show more than Friday Night Lights. I was on the bandwagon from the beginning, interviewing Minka Kellyin 2006 and Zach Gilfordin 2009. I even tried to bribe you into watching the show. Now, I understand may of you who do watch, are waiting for Season 5 to begin airing on NBC (April 15) or for the Season 5 DVD to come out (April 5). But for those of us with DirecTV, the series comes to a close tonight. Here is the best series review, recap, summary, etc., that you will find on the 'Net.

The End Of An Era recently spoke toAdriana Lima about Valentine's Day. There were two noteworthy items in the article. One, the fine folks at People referred to Lima's husband, Marko Jaric, as an "NBA star." No need to expand on that. (In case you're interested, Jaric is currently playing for the Italian League's Montepaschi Siena). The Victoria's Secret model (see her in action) also had this to say about lingerie: "What's worn on top is not important, since it won't be on for long."

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Adriana Lima :: Charles Eshelman/Getty Images

Some good items landed in my inbox late last week and over the weekend, but because of Super Bowl XLV time and space was limited. I'm going to unload some of the links here even though they may be a tad old because they're still worth checking out.

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Cleaning Out The Inbox

Maple Leafs center Darryl Boyce suffered facial injuries during a game last Thursday. Over the weekend he Tweeted out a photo. It is not for the faint of heart. In fact it's downright nasty, so think twice before clicking. ... If that bloody photo wasn't enough for you, Butler's Matt Howard took an elbow Monday night that left him looking like a WWE wrestler after a cage match. ... In case you missed the NFL's "official Facebook page" during the Super Bowl, it's worth checking out. ...

If you like trick-shot videos, you'll enjoy this new one from UConn quarterback Johnny McEntee. (Thanks to Sam, of Boone, N.C., Brian, of Los Angeles, and Pete, of Suffield, Conn., for the link.)

Trick Shots Of The Day

A flash mob broke out during Monday night's Missouri-Kansas men's bsketball team -- a Rock, Chalk, Jayhawk flash mob. (Thanks to Steve, of Grinnell, Iowa, Nick Pickard, of Kansas City, Darin S., of Lawrence, Kan., and Michael B., of Overland Park, Kan., for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

During the blizzard in Chicago last week, a woman stole a man's shovel. The man then used his snow blower to bury her car in the snow. The video is way more interesting than my description. (Thanks to Chris Rusell, of Huntington, N.Y., for the link.)

Revenge Video Of The Day

This one is for my follicly challenged friends, especially Dave Lionetti and Sal Licata. It's a helmet that shaves your head. (Thanks to Kyle, of Cypress, Texas, for the link.)

Bizarre Product Video Of The Day