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Hot Clicks: Christine Teigen; Charlie Sheen talks to UCLA baseball team

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I thought Charlie Sheen was supposed to be in rehab after his alleged coke/porn binge from a couple of weeks ago, but the star of Two and a Half Men showed up at UCLA's baseball practice yesterday and offered those words of wisdom to the players.

'Stay Off The Crack. Drink A Chocolate Milk.'

Charlie Sheen :: Riccardo S. Savi/Getty Images

A guy called in to Paul Finebaum's radio show yesterday while having a heart attack.

You Gotta Love Sports-Talk Radio

You will probably see a lot of stories today about Brett Favre possibly being cast on the next season of Dancing with the Stars. I even took the bait and tweeted out a link to one of the stories this morning. However, the story is complete bull. This piece brilliantly details how the rumor became "legit" enough for people to report.

Don't Believe Everything You Read

As I told you yesterday, we're previewing SI's upcoming Swimsuit extravaganza with an exclusive look at some of the 2011 photos. Remember to check out Monday's Hot Clicks for a reveal that longtime members of Hot Clicks Nation will truly appreciate. As for today, model Christine Teigen will be back in the 2011 issue (that's one of the pictures, above). You can check out her 2010 photos here. For more photos and updates, follow SI Swimsuit on Twitter and Facebook. And if you have DirecTV, tune into channel 101 at 8 p.m. ET tonight for The 2011 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Selection Show, which will reveal 17 of the models who will be in the issue.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Christine Teigen :: Raphael Mazzucco/SI

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Jerry Sloan resigned yesterday after 23 years as Utah Jazz coach. I wonder how this fan feels about the shocking turn of events.

Goodbye, Jerry

Take it away, Kevin Harlan ...

Call Of The Day

With the Cavaliers having lost 26 games in a row, their fans are now doing a 180 and making tribute videos to LeBron James. This one is set to Puff Daddy's (or is it "Diddy" today?) I'll Be Missing You. (Thanks to Jovan for the tip.)

Music Video Of The Day

My inbox had been bombarded this week with requests to help spread the word about Fort Wayne, Ind., mayor Harry Baals, and the mission to get a building named after him. Here is the saga of Harry Baals.

Worthy Cause Video Of The Day