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Hot Clicks: Izabel Goulart; Man arrested for poisoning Auburn trees

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It may be the offseason for college football, but there is no down time for the Auburn-Alabama rivalry. A Crimson Tide fan poisoned the trees at Toomer's Corner, where Tigers fans celebrate wins. The dope didn't stop there. He also called into a radio show to announce what he had done.

What Did The Tree Ever Do To You?

Braves tents :: Via

UPDATE: Just as Hot Clicks was about to be published, reports broke that an arrest has been made. The man accused of poisoning the trees is 62 YEARS OLD! Good grief!

How would a conversation go between baseball's highest-paid player, Alex Rodriguez, and the man looking to become baseball's highest-paid player, Albert Pujols? This photo story by Midwest Sports Fans sums it up perfectly.

The Story Of Alex And Albert

It will be interesting to see how this plays out today. Lakers TV reporter and radio host John Ireland said on the air yesterday that he'd "quit his job and walk home" if the Lakers lost to the Cavs last night. In case you missed the result: Cleveland 104, Los Angeles 99.

Uh Oh

We continue Hot Clicks' hard-hitting, investigative look at SI Swimsuit Week by focusing on the bodypainting portion of the issue, specifically the gallery ofIzabel Goulart.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Izabel Goulart :: Stewart Shining

It was a little bit of good and a little bit of bad for Blake Griffin last night. He had a high-flying one-handed dunk, but also hit his head on the backboard on another dunk attempt.

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Blake Show

What's worse for a basketball player than getting beat so badly that you get your ankles twisted and land on your butt? In the case of J.J. Redick from last night, it would be having your teammates laugh at you and mock you.

With Friends Like These...

Yesterday's P.M. Hot Clicks featured a promo video of Rugby's All Blacks team doing some trick moves that were obviously fake. However, their rivals from Sydney, the HSBC Waratahs, wanted people to know just how fake the video was, so they made this gem. (Thanks to David Madden, of Limerick, Ireland, Dave, of Dublin, Ireland, Gavin McAllister, of Dublin, Ireland, and Jamie, of Melbourne, Australia, for the link.)

Sports Video Of The Day

Today is Michael Jordan's birthday. Seems like a great time to check out his top 10 dunks of all time.

Michael Jordan Video Of The Day

And his top 10 buzzer-beaters of all time.

Michael Jordan Video Of The Day, No. 2