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Hot Clicks: Sophie Monk; Jack McKeon thinks Twitter is a dog


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Actor Mark-Paul Gosselaar, the man behind the legendary character of Zack Morris (aka, Preppy), and current star of TNT's Franklin & Bash, joined me on the latest episode of the Hot Clicks Podcast. In addition to plenty of Saved by the Bell talk, Gosselaar also explains why you should watch Franklin & Bash tonight at 9 p.m. ET tonight (his residuals from Saved by the Bell are equal to "the cost of a stamp," he says) and publicly apologizes to all NBA fans who were inundated with Franklin & Bash promos throughout the postseason. Listen to the podcast below or download it here.

The Hot Clicks Podcast

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Thanks to the lockout, NFL players have time on their hands to do all sorts of things, and a pair of Cleveland Browns are a prime example of this. Defensive back Joe Hadeninvited his Twitter followers for sushi yesterday, and picked up the tab. While this was going on, Haden's teammate, Josh Cribbs, got a $15 parking ticket even though he had eight minutes left on his meter. Cribbs said he'll spend the $50 it will cost to fight the $15 ticket.

Making The Most Of Their Down Time

New Marlins manager, 80-year-old Jack McKeon, has caused quite a stir in his short time back on the job. He's already benched star shortstop Hanley Ramirez, made the unusual move of pulling a pitcher during an at-bat, and had this outstanding retort to outfielder Logan Morrison about Twitter, which is even better when it's being explained byVin Scully.

Glad To Have Jack Back

Actress Sophie Monkis featured in the latest issue of Maxim.

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This happened at Wimbledon today.

Using Her Head

LSU football coach Les Miles spoofs himself and dunks a basketball.

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Via comes this video of a woman who was not going to stand for a few guys stealing beer from a convenience store.

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