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Hot Clicks: Danica McKellar; Rangers jinxed; Joe Buck's call of David Freese's home run

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This is the mobile alert sent out last night by the Dallas Fox TV affiliate, KDFW. Rangers fans should have known the second they got it that their team was doomed. (Thanks to @keitos_way for sending me the pic and @KatyLou_Martin for posting it on Twitter.)


Rich Pilling/Getty Images/

I said this on Twitter last night and I'll say it here: I know many sports fans have issues with Fox play-by-play man Joe Buck (although, more members of Hot Clicks Nation would rather muteChris Berman and Dick Vitale.) Regardless of how you feel about Buck, though, you have to think it's pretty cool that he used the same call of David Freese's home run in Game 6 of the World Series that his father, Jack Buck, used on Kirby Puckett's home run in Game 6 of the World Series 20 years ago.

Give Credit Where Credit Is Due

The dude who pounced on David Freese's game-winning home run ball in center field got to meet the hero of the game afterward. And he brought a friend along... who was wearing a Cubs shirt. ... How did Texas catcher Mike Napoli stay in the game after his ankle bent like this? ... The sign of the night came from a lovely woman who will now be the affection of men everywhere.

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Eddy, of San Francisco, says, "Jimmy, love Hot Clicks, hate the Jets. Yet I'll be sporting a Jets varsity jacket all night Saturday. Why, you wonder? Because I'm dressing up as Kevin Arnold from the Wonder Years for Halloween, and the lass I'll be with for the night is going as Winnie Cooper. Who cares what happened to Fred Savage, but holy smokeshow were the years good to Winnie! In honor of a Halloween costume gone right, and the treasured pasttime of the Wonder Years, I think you should consider grown up Winnie for today's Hot Clicks."

It would be tough for me to pass up a request from someone who's dressing up as Kevin Arnold for Halloween. It would be doubly tough for me to deny someone who used the word "lass" in an e-mail. I'm going to give Eddy this Danica McKellar gallery and this one on the condition that he e-mails me a photo next week of him and his lass in their costume.

Photo Gallery Of The Day

Danica McKellar :: Kathy Hutchins/Hutchins/Newscom

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