's 10 most popular stories from the week ending Sept. 26

Here is a roundup of's 10 most popular stories this week. Be sure to read to the bottom for a bonus story from the SI Vault.
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Here is a roundup of's 10 most popular stories this week. Be sure to read to the bottom for a bonus story from the SI Vault.

Exit Stage Center


In a series of revealing interviews, Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter - the most familiar ballplayer ever - reflects on what has changed in the game (lots) and in himself (little) over two decades in the New York glare. By Tom Verducci.

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The golden boy of Texas

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There’s more to Texas Tech head coach Kliff Kingsbury than designer sunglasses and good hair. A glimpse into his playing days and family life reveals what’s behind those shades. By Lindsay Schnell.

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NFL fans speak up

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In a poll conducted by Sports Illustrated, more than 500 fans across the country were asked about a variety of issues in the NFL. Question No. 1: Should Roger Goodell lose his job? Here’s what they said on that and more.

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The gravity of the situation


Steelers cornerback William Gay volunteers at a Pittsburgh shelter for battered and abused women, but he’s more than a football player just stopping by. His mother was fatally shot by his stepfather, and he wants the NFL to fully understand the cost of domestic violence.

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Heat and light


Pervasive self-doubt nearly kept Erik Spoelstra from the NBA. But he used the fear of failure to fuel his rise from "The Dungeon" to the top of the coaching field. Today, hope in Miami starts with the author of the Heat's code. By Lee Jenkins.

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The other farewell

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Paul Konerko is retiring after 16 seasons with the Chicago White Sox. With only a few games left, Konerko reflects on his career and looks ahead to what awaits in the baseball afterlife. By Howard Megdal.

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The last laugh

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Though 5-foot-3 Pookey Wigington had his sights set on an NBA career, he eventually found another calling. How Wigington transitioned from the basketball court to the comedy worldBy Michael Rosenberg.

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Basketball in Seattle


It's been six and a half years since the NBA left Seattle, and there is still a Sonics-sized hole in the city. It might seem time to move on. "And yet...hope is a persistent bastard." By Chris Ballard.

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What you don't know about Jeter

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Derek Jeter may have played his last game in New York, but the interest in him hasn’t subsided. In honor of his 20 seasons in the MLB, here are 20 tidbits you might not know about him. By Tom Verducci.

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In the classroom

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The MMQB sits down with Chargers linebacker Dwight Freeney to understand how he studies the game, in the first of a series looking at the mental preparation of NFL coaches and players. By Peter King.

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SI Vault: Joe Namath


This story - one of 60 iconic stories being republished, in full, in honor of Sports Illustrated's 60th anniversary - is from 1966. It tells of Jets quarterback Joe Namath, who closed the gap between athletes and celebrities. By Dan Jenkins.