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Watch: Insane 70-step Trick Shot

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While many may be bored in quarantine, most people do not have the ingenuity, nor the engineering ability to put together the basketball shot this guy did.

Yep, that's a 70-step basketball shot that took about three minutes to complete. Sports Illustrated's Robin Lundberg talked to SI media columnist Jimmy Traina about this insane feat in today's edition of Traina ThoughtsSpoiler alert: Neither of them could pull this off.

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Robin Lundberg: In quarantine, some people have some extra time on their hands, including this guy who put together a 70 step basketball shot. That was two months in the making. For more, I'm joined by our Jimmy Traina. Jimmy. I think this video is three minutes long. I mean, you kind of got to admire what this guy was able to accomplish.

Jimmy Traina: Yeah. If I'm being perfectly honest, when I first watch the video, I didn't check the time stamp on it. So after about a minute, I was kind of like, what the hell is this going to end? And it kept going and going and going. And in three minutes. Just a ball going and going and going, and this is what we do now in quarantine when we have nothing to do.

Robin Lundberg: It's kind of like that shot in Happy Gilmore, right?

Jimmy Traina:  It's a little more intricate. I mean, this guy. I don't know how a brain conceives this. 

Robin Lundberg: Oh, he's a genius, right? I mean, this is real. This man is a certified genius. 

Jimmy Traina: Yeah, exactly. I don't even know where you begin to come up with something like this.

Robin Lundberg: Ingenuity and maybe an engineering degree. Jimi, appreciate your time, as always. 

Jimmy Traina: Anytime.