Strange times have hit the NBA, with the Warriors suffering a loss to the Lakers and LeBron James turning emo. 

By Jeremy Woo
March 07, 2016

Check the orbits of the planets. Double-check your horoscopes. Strange times have descended upon our beloved league. Suspiciously, things have gone bizarro all around the NBA in recent days, and here is a short list of the reasons why.

• Massive human and still-dominant basketball player LeBron James has gone a little emo on social media and also wants an on-court enforcer and probably a brand new puppy for Christmas.

• The Knicks made the admirable captain of their sinking ship, Carmelo Anthony, apologize for a tongue-in-cheek comment to a fan that involved their beyond-reproach owner.

• The Thunder, who field two of the five best players on the planet, have fourth-quarter jitters.

• The Clippers’ 59-year-old billionaire owner has dunked more times than their best player in 2016 and the team has a new mascot. It’s. … a condor.

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• Prince went to a Warriors gameThen, the Warriors lost their next game. … to the Lakers, who were wearing Kobe Bryant-themed socks and spazzing out on the sidelines.

• There’s a Michael Beasley renaissance beginning in Houston.

March is a month that traditionally belongs to college basketball, and this is a special brand of madness it seems only the NBA can foster. How much weirder can this get? Well, whatever happens, thankfully we have the Power Rankings to keep all of us grounded. Let us all align our chakras together. Inhale.

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