“Am I the reason that Brooklyn gave all their picks to Boston?”

By Dan Gartland
May 26, 2017

Don’t blame Kevin Durant for the top-heavy current state of the NBA. Blame the Nets. 

Durant’s decision to leave Oklahoma City for Golden State may have created one of the most unstoppable teams of all time, but KD isn’t buying that his move is the reason why the Warriors and the Cavs were the only teams that seemed to have legitimate title chances this year. 

“Like I'm the reason why (expletive) Orlando couldn't make the playoffs for five, six years in a row?” Durant recently told USA Today. “Am I the reason that Brooklyn gave all their picks to Boston? Like, am I the reason that they're not that good (laughs). I can't play for every team, so the truth of the matter is I left one team. It's one more team that you probably would've thought would've been a contender. One more team. I couldn't have made the (entire) East better. I couldn't have made everybody (else) in the West better.”

Of course, Durant’s decision to leave the Thunder did weaken the Warriors’ closest rival in the West but he certainly can’t be blamed for exercising his right to go where he wanted. The Warriors have been much more dominant in the playoffs since adding Durant, though. They’re 12–0 thus far, compared to 12–5 through three rounds last year, when Durant’s Thunder pushed them to seven games. 

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