Allen Iverson explains why he was rooting for Golden State in this year's Finals

Allen Iverson says it came down to Kevin Durant. 
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The Cavs/Warriors rivalry is a polarizing topic. From Rihanna and the Cavs to the BasedGod and the Warriors, everyone falls on one side or the other.

Now Allen Iverson is weighing in. In a promotional video for his much anticipated 3-on-3 celebrity basketball league, the Big 3, Iverson revealed he was happy for Durant and the Warriors following their 4-1 Finals victory over the Cavs.

“I wanted to see Durant win because he ain’t never did it," Iverson said. "I love his mama. I love everything he stands for. That’s the only reason I was going for Golden State. I wanted Durant to feel what I never got the chance to feel. And they deserve it. I wanted Barkley to feel it. I wanted Ewing to feel it. Because LeBron’s gonna win some more.”

As expected from a legend like AI, game always respects game.