NBA Social Rankings: Who Won Draft Week?

This week's NBA Social Rankings hits the 2017 Draft, where LaVar Ball shined, Joel Embiid brought his usual heat, but his new teammate made a major gaffe.
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Welcome back to The Crossover’s weekly social media power rankings, where we determine who won the week off the court. This week, Big Baller Brand owns the NBA draft, Markelle Fultz forgets to edit his Instagram caption and everyone races to recruit Kristaps Porzingis. We’ll rank performances from best to worst. Here’s how the week shook out: 

1. LaVar Ball

Act 1: The fans love LaVar 

Act 2: The fans HATE LaVar 

Act 3: LaVar wins. He got a John Cena-like reaction out there, absolutely dominated the draft, and the kid who caught it wouldn’t trade it for Yeezys. Fam, YEEZYS. Those go for thousands online. Love him or hate him, this guy’s a genius marketer and he’s far from out of our lives.

2. Joel Embiid

Where to even start this week with about on draft night, when he told Ben Simmons to abuse Lonzo Ball at the tin. If that wasn’t enough, he also went after Kristaps Porzingis when Phil Jackson decided to field offers for his unicorn. 

He’s really made social media his full-time job. You expect content almost daily, and during most big sporting events.

• Big Baller Brand is already selling a $500 ZO2 in a Lakers colorway

3. Dennis Smith, Jr. 

Don’t need to say much about this one, except for the fact that he was FOURTEEN when he sent tweeted it.

4. Markelle Fultz

[Identify] What watches was Markelle Fultz wearing to the NBA draft?

This could have been a genius marketing move, but let’s be honest, it wasn’t. Fultz just forgot to change the bio, probably on the way from one interview to the next. It’s still hilarious, and is something we can all laugh about. Paul Pierce did this once, which means Fultz will win a title. Book it. 

5. Karl-Anthony Towns


• Lamar Odom responds to Stephen A. Smith comment about crack addiction

6. Mallory Edens

Shoot your shot 2017.

7. Rudy Gobert 

I feel like I’ve been waiting all season for a fire Rudy Gobert tweet. Better late than never.

• Disgruntled Bulls fans start #FireGarPax movement with GoFundMe

8. Joe Ingles 

OK, it’s not draft-related, but please. Respect the legend Joe Ingles.

9. Malik Monk 

Look, you need to have confidence in yourself that you can beat a 54-year-old man in basketball. I don’t care how many titles he won. I don’t care if he owns the company you work for. CONFIDENCE.

10. Atlanta Hawks

The Hawks read your tweets, and they’re getting tired of all your requests.