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Larry Nance Jr. Responds to U.S. Soldier Pen Pal From 14 Years Ago

Larry Nance Jr. reconnects with former pen pal from 14 years ago.

When Larry Nance Jr. was 10, he was pen pals with a U.S. soldier who was serving overseas.

14 years later, that soldier was able to reconnect with Nance on Twitter.

In the letters, a young Nance asked typical 10-year-old questions ranging from, "Is the war almost over?" to "Who do you want to get LeBron James?" He is also talked about how he found his siblings to be annoying and how his dad played in the NBA.

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The woman initially shared the letters on Facebook in 2014 when Nance was in college at Wyoming. Last Friday, she was able to tag the Los Angeles Lakers forward in a post on Twitter to share her gratitude for the letters with him directly.