LeBron Thinks Kyrie’s Return to Cleveland Won’t Be as Venomous as His

LeBron James doesn’t think Cleveland fans will hate Kyrie Irving as much as him. 
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Kyrie Irving’s return to Cleveland on Tuesday won’t be nearly as dramatic as LeBron James’s first game as a visitor there, LeBron says. 

In an interview with ESPN’s Rachel Nichols that aired Monday night, LeBron and new teammate Dwyane Wade quickly dismissed the idea that Irving would face the kind of abuse LeBron did as a member of the Heat in 2010. 

“Do you think Kyrie is going to get anything similar?” Nichols asked. Before she even finished the question, LeBron and Wade answered in unison with an emphatic “Nooooooo.”

“Everybody’s good. Everybody’s good,” James said. “KD last year in Oklahoma City, Paul George going to go back to Indiana. D-Wade’s going to go to Chicago, Kyrie’s coming back to Cleveland. ... They will be fine. People were throwing batteries at us.”

Irving’s Celtics travel to Cleveland to face the Cavs in the first game of the new NBA season, 8 p.m. ET on Tuesday. The Warriors and Rockets play the late game at 10:30 ET.