Report: NBA Looking To Put G-League Team In Mexico City As Early As Next Season

The NBA is reportedly trying to have a G-League franchise ready to compete in Mexico City as early as next season.
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The NBA is plans to put a G-League team in Mexico City as early as next season, Marc Stein of The New York Timesreports.

According to Stein, this is a step by the NBA to see the plausibility of putting an NBA team in Mexico's capital. Stein also notes that although commissioner Adam Silver has said the league is not looking to expand or relocate any teams, but he has mentioned Mexico City as "a natural contender" to land a team on multiple occasions.

He adds that the league is also looking to expand the G-League to 30 teams with a G-League team associated with each NBA team as a direct minor league, but a potential Mexico City team would likely be "owned and operated separate from the NBA."

This comes just a few weeks after a report from's Jonathon Givony that the league is planning to announce a development and training academy in Mexico City while the Nets, Thunder and Heat are there to take part in the Mexico City Global Games. The NBA currently has six academies already, with one in Australia, one in India, one in Senegal and three in China.

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The Nets will be the home team in the two games in Mexico City when they face the Thunder Thursday and the Heat Saturday.