Marcus and Markieff Morris could not make it to Philadelphia, so they had their mother hand out the gifts they paid off on layaway.

By Khadrice Rollins
December 12, 2017

With Christmas two weeks away, the Morris twins are showing they are in the giving mood.

Marcus Morris of the Celtics and Markieff Morris of the Wizards decided to pay off the remaining balance for gifts put on layaway at a Northeast Philadelphia Walmart, according to ABC 11. The twins, who grew up in Philadelphia, put up $6,000, and on Monday, costumers were treated to the surprise of learning they no longer owed anything for their gifts.

Marcus and Markieff were unable to make it to the store to greet those who were on the receiving end of their generosity, but their mother Thomasine Morris was there to hand out the gifts, according to ABC 11.

"Even though we play in Boston, even though we play in Washington, Philly is still our family," Thomasine said according to ABC 11.

Marcus and Markieff, who are both in their seventh year in the league, will face off for the first time this year on Christmas when the Celtics host the Wizards.

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