• With the NBA's free agency period set to begin, The Crossover is tracking every move this off-season and providing a complete list of every player available this summer.
By The SI Staff
June 26, 2017

The NBA off-season is already in full swing after a wild draft and a seemingly never-ending crush of trade and free agency rumors.

The league's free agency period doesn't officially begin until July 1 at midnight, when teams and players can begin meeting and reaching verbal agreements. The free agency moratorium stretches to July 6, when both sides can begin reaching official agreements and trades can be made. Teams have until July 13 to withdraw qualifying offers from restricted free agents.

After last year's salary cap spike, this year's free-agent class is loaded with big names and young players seeking a payday. 

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So which stars will trade teams this summer? We've already seen Jimmy Butler shipped to the Timberwolves and the No. 1 overall pick (Markelle Fultz) trade hands from the Celtics to the 76ers. Paul George, who is under contract for one more season, was moved to the Thunder.

Who else is up for grabs this summer? SI.com's free agency tracker is following ever move. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back throughout the off-season.

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2017 NBA Free Agency Tracker: Follow every move 

• Allen, Lavoy, Pacers (UFA**)
• Allen, Tony, Grizzlies (UFA)
• Andersen, Chris, Hornets (UFA)
• Anderson, Alan, Clippers (UFA)
• Anthony, Joel, Spurs (UFA)
• Babbitt, Luke, Heat (UFA)
• Baker, Ron, Knicks (RFA)
• Barnes, Matt, Warriors (UFA)
• Bass, Brandon, Clippers (UFA)
• Baynes, Aron, Pistons (UFA*)
• Beasley, Michael, Bucks (UFA)
• Bogdanovic, Bojan, Wizards (RFA)
• Bogut, Andrew, Cavaliers (UFA)
• Brooks, Aaron, Pacers (UFA)
• Brown, Bobby, Rockets (RFA)
• Bullock, Reggie, Pistons (RFA)
• Burke, Trey, Wizards (RFA)
• Calderon, Jose, Cavaliers: Cleveland grabs veteran guard 
• Caldwell-Pope, Kentavious, Pistons (RFA)
• Carter-Williams, Michael, Hornets: MCW gets another shot to stick in NBA
• Carter, Vince, Grizzlies (UFA)
• Casspi, Omri, Warriors: The rich get richer... again
• Clark, Ian, Warriors (UFA)
• Collison, Darren, Pacers: Indiana fills hole at PG
• Collison, Nick, Thunder (UFA)
• Covington, Robert, 76ers (UFA**)
• Cunningham, Dante, Pelicans (UFA*)
• Curry, Stephen, Warriors: Signs max with Warriors
• Dedmon, Dewayne, Spurs (UFA*)
• Durant, Kevin, Warriors: KD returns on discount deal
• Ennis, Tyler, Lakers (UFA)
• Evans, Tyreke, Grizzlies: Memphis signs PG to one-year deal
• Felicio, Cristiano, Bulls: $32 million feels a tad rich
• Felton, Raymond, Clippers (UFA)
• Ferrell, Yogi, Mavericks (RFA**)
• Foye, Randy, Nets (UFA)
• Gallinari, Danilo, Clippers: The forward Lob City never had
• Galloway, Langston, Pistons: Detroit makes sneaky good pickup
• Gasol, Pau, Spurs (UFA*)
• Gay, Rudy, Spurs: San Antonio takes smart gamble
• Gibson, Taj, Timberwolves: Wolves bolster defense
• Ginobili, Manu, Spurs (UFA)
• Grant, Jerami, Thunder (UFA**)
• Green, Gerald, Celtics (UFA)
• Green, JaMychal, Grizzlies (RFA)
• Green, Jeff, Magic (UFA)
• Griffin, Blake, Clippers: L.A. maxes out Griffin
• Hardaway Jr., Tim, Knicks: NYK makes massive offer
• Haslem, Udonis, Heat (UFA)
• Hawes, Spencer, Bucks (UFA*)
• Hayward, Gordon, Jazz: Hayward will be seamless Celtic
• Hibbert, Roy, Nuggets (UFA)
• Hill, George, Kings: Hill agrees to $57 million deal
• Holiday, Jrue, Pelicans: New Orleans pays hefty price
• Holiday, Justin, Bulls: Holiday signs two-year deal with Bulls
• Humphries, Kris, Hawks (UFA)
• Ibaka, Serge, Raptors: Toronto makes ends meet
• Iguodala, Andre, Warriors: Iggy deal answers summer's big question
• Ilyasova, Ersan, Hawks (UFA)
• Ingles, Joe, Jazz: Utah bolsters case for Hayward
• Jennings, Brandon, Wizards (UFA)
• Jerebko, Jonas, Celtics (UFA)
• Johnson, Amir, 76ers: Another high-priced, one-year deal
• Johnson, James, Heat (UFA)
• Jones, James, Cavaliers (UFA)
• Jones, Terrence, Bucks (UFA)
• Korver, Kyle, Cavaliers: Keeping Korver does nothing for Cavs
• Lauvergne, Joffrey, Bulls (RFA)
• Lawson, Ty, Kings (UFA)
• Lee, David, Kings (UFA*)
• Len, Alex, Suns (RFA)
• Liggins, DeAndre, (UFA**)
• Livingston, Shaun, Warriors: Livingston picks championship equity
• Lowry, Kyle, Raptors: Toronto bets on franchise core
• Mack, Shelvin, Jazz (UFA)
• Mbah A Moute, Luc, Clippers (UFA*)
• McAdoo, James Michael, Warriors (RFA)
• McDaniels, KJ, Nets (UFA**)
• McGee, JaVale, Warriors (UFA)
• McLemore, Ben, Grizzlies: A lot to like about this two-year deal
• McRae, Jordan, Cavaliers (UFA)
• McRoberts, Josh, Heat (UFA*)
• Meeks, Jodie, Wizards: Washington adds bench shooting
• Miles, CJ, Pacers (UFA*)
• Mills, Patty (Spurs): Spurs keep Mills's quick-trigger offense
• Millsap, Paul, Nuggets: Denver finally strikes gold
• Mirotic, Nikola, Bulls (RFA)
• Monroe, Greg, Bucks (UFA*)
• Morrow, Anthony, Bulls (UFA)
• Motiejunas, Donatas, Pelicans (UFA)
• Muhammad, Shabazz, Wolves (RFA)
• Muscala, Mike, Hawks (UFA)
• Nene, Rockets: Houston makes key signing
• Noel, Nerlens, Mavericks (RFA)
• Nowitzki, Dirk, Mavericks: Dallas star takes another discounted deal
• Olynyk, Kelly, Celtics RFA)
• Pachulia, Zaza, Warriors (UFA)
• Patterson, Patrick, Thunder: Patterson joins OKC on three-year deal
• Paul, Chris, Rockets: Paul gambles career on Rockets
• Payne, Adreian, Wolves (UFA)
• Plumlee, Mason, Nuggets (RFA)
• Porter, Otto, Wizards (RFA)
• Randolph, Zach, Grizzlies: Randolph joins Kings, leaves Grit 'N Grind
• Redick, JJ, 76ers: Sixers complete splashy deal
• Reed, Willie, Heat (UFA*)
• Roberson, Andre, Thunder (RFA)
• Roberts, Brian, Hornets (UFA)
• Robinson, Thomas, Lakers (UFA)
• Rodriguez, Sergio, 76ers (UFA)
• Rose, Derrick, Knicks (UFA)
• Rudez, Damjan, Magic (RFA)
• Rush, Brandon, Wolves (UFA)
• Scola, Luis, Nets (UFA)
• Scott, Mike, Suns (UFA)
• Sefolosha, Thabo, Hawks (UFA)
• Sessions, Ramon, Hornets (UFA**)
• Simmons, Jonathon, Spurs (RFA)
• Snell, Tony, Bucks: Snell can justify this deal
• Speights, Marreese, Clippers (UFA*)
• Splitter, Tiago, 76ers (UFA)
• Stuckey, Rodney, Pacers (UFA)
• Sullinger, Jared, Suns (UFA)
• Teague, Jeff, Timberwolves: Will Minnesota mesh on court?
• Terry, Jason, Bucks (UFA)
• Thornton, Marcus, Nets (UFA)
• Tolliver, Anthony, Kings (UFA)
• Tucker, PJ, Rockets: Houston adds depth
• Udrih, Beno, Pistons (UFA)
• Vujacic, Sasha, Knicks (UFA)
• Wade, Dwyane, Bulls (UFA*)
• Waiters, Dion, Heat (UFA*)
• West, David, Warriors: West returns for final season
• Wilcox, C.J., Magic (UFA)
• Williams, Alan, Suns (RFA)
• Williams, Deron, Cavs (UFA)
• Withey, Jeff, Jazz (UFA)
• Wood, Christian, Hornets (RFA**)
• World Peace, Metta, Lakers (UFA)
• Young, James, Celtics (UFA)
• Young, Nick, Warriors: Golden State takes flier on Swaggy P

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** Team Option

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