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LeBron James Takes Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving In First Ever All-Star Draft

If only the NBA had televised the All-Star Game draft.

Despite the fanfare around the idea of televising the NBA's first ever All-Star draft, the world did not get to see who LeBron James took with the first pick when James and Curry drafted teams Thursday.

The the rosters for Team James and Team Curry were announced Thursday after the two players had a conference call earlier in the day to pick teams. Although the actual draft order was not revealed, it appears that Durant was the top choice since James had the first pick as the lead vote-getter.

Both James and Curry said the event should have been televised, but the NBPA reportedly did not want that to happen.

Below are the rosters for both teams with the starters names bolded.

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Team LeBron

• LeBron James
• Kevin Durant
• Anthony Davis
• Kyrie Irving
• DeMarcus Cousins

• Russell Westbrook
• Kristaps Porzingis
• LaMarcus Aldridge
• John Wall
• Bradley Beal
• Kevin Love
• Victor Oladipo

Team Stephen

• Steph Curry
• Giannis Antetokounmpo
• James Harden
• DeMar DeRozan
• Joel Embiid

• Klay Thompson
• Draymond Green
• Karl-Anthony Towns
• Jimmy Butler
• Damian Lillard
• Al Horford
• Kyle Lowry

​The All-Star Game will take place Feb. 18 in Los Angeles and can be seen at 8 p.m. EST.