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Watch: KD Wants to Know Why People Think He Was More Upset Than C.J. McCollum During Twitter Beef

Kevin Durant took questions Thursday concerning his recent interaction with C.J. McCollum on Twitter.

Why do you think Kevin Durant was the one who was upset about everything that transpired between himself and C.J. McCollum?

Durant simply joked about the Blazers not winning the title when he appeared on McCollum's Pull Up podcast. Why isn't McCollum seen as being upset for responding to a tweet asking if it was appropriate to call Durant a certain name for leaving the Thunder to join the Warriors?

So why is Durant upset though? Because he responded to some people on Twitter and then deleted the tweets?

Why is McCollum not upset, but Durant is? Maybe McCollum was mad about something Durant did. Maybe it relates to the podcast.

OK, so Durant is upset?

All right then.

You can be the judge for yourself and decide who is actually upset about this scenario.

Either way, it's safe to assume DeMarcus Cousins "didn't give a f---" about who got upset.