Man Claims Madison Square Garden Confiscated His 'Ban' Owner James Dolan Shirt

This is going too far now.
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The ongoing beef between Knicks fans and team owner James Dolan is heating up.

After Dolan removed a fan for asking him to sell the team in what Dolan called an "ambush" (and former Knick Charles Oakley called a suspendable offense by the owner), video emerged recently of Dolan removing a fan from a concert for his band JD And The Straight Shot because of a sign that instructed Dolan to move on from the team.

Which brings us to Sunday's game between the Knicks and Lakers at Madison Square Garden.

A fan going by the name Mike Robilotta on Twitter (@mike_robi13) claims he tried to enter the cwith a green T-shirt that reads "St. Patty Says Ban Dolan." Unfortunately, Robilotta says he and two friends had their shirts confiscated as they tried to enter the stadium. And in the case of one of the shirts, it took security going through the trash to make sure it didn't get into the arena.

There's still time for the entire crowd at MSG to bust into a "sell the team" or "ban Dolan" chant before the season ends if people really want to drive the message home and force Dolan's hand.

He can't ban all Knicks fans, right?