Anthony Davis Sleeps With the Lights On Thanks to Horror Movies

Anthony Davis has to sleep with some kind of lights on.
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Anthony Davis is a prime example of why you shouldn't watch scary movies when you are too young.

In an appearance on That's What She Said with Sarah Spain, Davis opened up to the ESPN personality about his biggest failure and the one thing he would most want to improve about himself.

"Me being scared of the dark," Davis said.

One of the best players in the NBA, who can barely be contained on a basketball court, has the same weakness off of the court as your baby cousin.

"TV on, bathroom light on, some light has to be on," Davis continued. "I wish I wasn't scared of the dark."

He explained that he "watched too many crazy movies when I was a kid, and it just, it messed me up for life."

But what if there was a special person in his life who needed to sleep in darkness? Surely this behemoth of a man would get past this fear so a significant other could have the chance to sleep in peace.

"We ain't gonna make it," Davis said. "It's over with."

Maybe Davis's daughter can help push this fear out of him. If not, his current girlfriend will have to accept always sleeping with some kind of light on.

She should also make sure LeBron James never shows up at the house in his Pennywise costume from Halloween 2017 because Davis said seeing the It remake and the movie Halloween were the most scared he's been in a while.

But now part of me really wants Bron to dress back up in that costume, hide in AD's room one night and scream "TACO TUESDAY!" right before he falls asleep to scare him like he's never been scared before. I can't be the only one would laugh uncontrollably at that video.