Kevin Love's Self-Care Routine Is Getting Him Through Quarantine

Cleveland Cavaliers forward Kevin Love is stuck at home like the rest of us, but he’s still trying to keep a sense of normalcy. Here's how he's staying sane during quarantine.
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Kevin Love is stuck at home like the rest of us, but he’s still reaching for his dopp kit essentials. It’s no surprise—the tiny toiletry bags NBA players clutch as they enter arenas are as much a part of their weekly regimens as layup lines and locker room pep-talks, and experts are advising us all to maintain normal routines as we shelter in place. “Having a self-care routine is at the top of my list, [for] eliminating stress and anxiety,” says the 31-year-old and advocate for mental health. Sports Illustrated caught up with Love from his home in Cleveland, where he’s spending his time with his girlfriend, Kate Bock, and their dog, Vestry. From two-a-day flossing sessions to calming scents to promote sleep, here’s a look at Love’s must-haves and daily routine while at home during quarantine.


Dopp kit

Ghurka Holdall No. 101 Dopp Kit, $395

Before the NBA season hiatus, you wouldn’t find Love walking into an arena or traveling to and from games without a small camouflage bag firmly in his grasp. The Ghurka Holdall dopp kit is his favorite and, according to his stylist Courtney Mays, the camo pattern easily fits in with Love’s easygoing sense of style.

“Early in my career I didn’t know to have or use these things,” says Love of his dopp kit contents. “I do feel like I was a little bit of an early adopter, but at the same time, it took me a while to then have all of these items and have a dopp kit walking into the game.” But now? “There would never be a game where I wouldn’t have it on my person, at least on the bus, or going into the locker room,” he says.

Dental hygiene

Oral-B 7000 Rechargeable Toothbrush, $130
Crest 3D White Toothpaste, $4
Cocofloss Mint Floss, $9

“I had adult braces for almost three years when I was playing, but I hid them extremely well,” says Love of his orthodontics during his second and third year in the league. “So dental hygiene is definitely high on the list for self-care.” Love cares for his pearly whites with a sophisticated, Bluetooth electric toothbrush, two-a-day flossing sessions (with coconut oil-infused threads!), whitening toothpaste and mouthwash.


Act + Acre Cold Processed Hair Cleanse and Conditioner, $50
Mason Pearson Styling Comb, $28
Jack Henry Beard Oil, $24

With barbershops shuttered, Love is just like the rest of us when it comes to at-home grooming. While he’s trying to keep up with maintaining a manicured beard, Love is “letting the hair go” while he has the chance, channeling his “all-time, North Star idol and somebody I would aspire to be” in the process: 1963 Paul Newman. Most of the items Love uses for cleansing and conditioning his locks contain all-natural ingredients, like moringa oil and lavender, to help promote hair growth, control dandruff and add shine. “With your scalp, it ages so much faster than the rest of your body,” Love says. “So for me, taking care of my hair and my scalp is really important.”



Mario Badescu Lavender Facial Spray, $12
Maker of Wax Goods Birch Candle, $24
Saje Essential Oils Kit, $65

You’re bound to find candles in the Love household, especially in the evenings or when it’s time to wind down and fire up Netflix on the TV. “We watch movies and we turn off all of the lights, especially the ones from above,” Love says. “There’s something about lighting candles that feels good, getting that natural light in there. It allows you to really settle in, at any time of the day.”

On the road or at home, Love also uses a lavender spray on his pillows, or other scented essential oils, to help him settle into his nightly routine and promote sleep and relaxation. “It’s one of those things they do it with a lot with people with PTSD—smell therapy,” he says. “They spray it on the pillows or in the room so they know it’s a safe space and they know they can relax when they smell that when they come into the room.” Love also relishes the scent of pine incense, because it invokes a nostalgic feeling and reminds him of his hometown in Portland, Ore., and the Pacific Northwest, where Douglas fir and pine trees abound.

Skin care

LaMer Lip Balm, $65
Jack Henry Morning Hydrate/Nightly Detox, $28
Supergoop SPF40 Sunscreen, $17
Jack Henry Face Toner, $24
Jack Henry Super Face Moisturizer, $38

“Since we postponed the season, I was like, S***, I’m gonna really have to stick a routine, just because I’ve based my whole life on that,” Love says. Part of that day-to-day schedule involves a shower, a fresh pair of clothes, a healthy breakfast and a sweaty workout in the morning. Part of it also involves a solid skin care routine, focused on products that hydrate and refresh with minimal, clean and organic ingredients. “I love writing stuff down and taking notes throughout my week, just so I can get the best out of myself,” he says. “And that’s even little things too. This kind of stuff is accumulative. It adds up.”