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After a franchise-best 9-0 start, the Milwaukee Bucks faced their first loss of the season against the Atlanta Hawks a few weeks ago. They also lost two of their stars - Giannis Antetokounmpo and Jrue Holiday to injury in the same game. These two stars were not just their main scorers but also their best playmakers. After this, Mike Budenholzer and the coaching staff were faced with a huge question: how will the Bucks create offense?

However, it seemed like Milwaukee already had the answer to the question. Jevon Carter, the six-year veteran, stepped up big-time in the next two games. He had a career-high 36 points and 12 assists in an overtime win over the Thunder and followed it up with 21 points and 6 assists in the next game.

Even though his stats have dropped ever since the stars have returned, he remains an integral part of the Bucks squad. Superstar Giannis Antetokounmpo shared only kind words about the guard.

Giannis says the team trusts Carter

Carter had only 2 points in the loss against the Bulls, but it came at a crucial point. With less than 3 minutes remaining in the game and as te shot clock was winding down, Carter drove into the lane and made a tough shot to give the Bucks a one-point lead. It is pretty rare for a championship team to put the ball in the hands of a role player in a close game. But Giannis says that he has complete trust in his teammate.

"He's proving himself; he's a capable scorer, capable playmaker. I trust,we trust his decision-making. His ability to make plays for himself and for us. Down the stretch, with the clock running down, we don't really worry. We trust that he is going to make the right decision," Giannis explained.

Carter's emergence as a playmaker could be a blessing

The Bucks definitely have for a long postseason run in the plan, and that means they could rest their stars down the stretch of the season. But the top of the Eastern Conference is very competitive, and the Bucks could potentially lose out on being one of the top seeds if they don't bring their A game night in and night out.

With the emergence of Carter, the Bucks will be able to remain competitive and rest their stars at the same time. The team and the stars trust him, and Carter will get a massive dose of confidence seeing Giannis placing his trust in him.