According to the NBA rumor mill, Ben Simmons really wants out of Philadelphia, and he prefers a trade to one of the competitive California teams like the Lakers, Clippers, or Warriors.

Jason Dumas from the Kron 4 News Network stated on 95.7 The Game about some of the rumored details around Ben Simmons' situation.

"The situation is getting worse by the day with Ben and Philly," Dumas said. "It's kind of a marriage that's beyond repair at this point. Like anyone who is going to get traded, especially a young quote-unquote all-star like Ben, he doesn't want to go to a bad situation... He's open to the California teams, is what I've been told. Joel Embiid has reached out to him several times since the end of the season, and he hasn't returned Joel Embiid's calls."

While it doesn't seem to be a secret that Ben Simmons is in a bad situation with the Sixers, there hasn't been much information on his preference of teams. The Athletic reported that getting Damian Lillard is the ultimate goal for the Sixers, and unless there's a three-team trade in mind, that wouldn't see Ben going to a California team.

At this point, it seems tough to see the Lakers making any type of move for Ben Simmons. They already have a very established roster that was built around their current team. The Warriors seem to be the most likely candidate given their current roster and situation, and the Clippers may not want to break up their core roster. In an ideal world, Ben Simmons would get a three-team trade between the Warriors, Blazers, and Sixers.