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The day DeMar DeRozan was traded for Kawhi Leonard is a day he remembers too well.

DeRozan spoke with Draymond Green in a 'Chips with Draymond Green' interview where he described the entire day he was traded from the Raptors to the Spurs.

"Hurt like shit," DeRozan said to Green.

DeRozan stated in the interview that he met with Masai Ujiri in Las Vegas where they discussed running it back with the Toronto Raptors over dinner. DeRozan fully expected to be in a Raptors uniform that season, until he received a call two days later.

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"And two days later, you get a call," DeRozan said. "That was the shit that hurt. Like, tell me beforehand, like, look, it's a possibility we think about doing this."

The call came from Masai Ujiri himself. DeRozan revealed that he was in a movie theater watching 'Equalizer 2' (a movie he no longer watches) when he received the call. DeMar didn't pick up the phone, and Masai later called him back revealing the news.

"We just traded you to San Antonio," Masai said to DeMar. "I just want to let you know it's going to come out in the morning."

DeRozan was so shattered by the news that he sat outside a "Jack in the Box or a Del Taco for two hours." He called two people after receiving the news: Kyle Lowry and Rudy Gay.

"It was one of the toughest times ever because I didn't really have, like, no guidance with this shit."

DeMar's story is one that you can hear hundreds of NBA players tell, and one that always reveals the brutal business nature of the league.