Paul George Reveals Details About Bone Edema Injury

Paul George explains how his bone edema injury happened
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Paul George finally returned after a seven-game absence that lasted two weeks. Not much was known about the bone edema injury he was facing in his right toe, but George was finally able to speak on it after defeating the Utah Jazz. 

George was actually hurt long before his two-week shutdown. It was lingering during the Clippers' six-game road trip that began in January. At first, he actually just thought it was a sore foot. Once he saw it flare up so many times, that's when he realized it was more than that.

"I wasn't pretty healthy that game," George said about the Cavs game on February 3rd. "I had a stretch where we played every other game, so I had time to kinda recover going into games. If you recall, we played Brooklyn then Cleveland, two tough games that really caused me to dig down and push and plant and play off those toes. Just that back-to-back kind of tipped me overboard and I couldn’t recover, I needed some time off because it swelled up.”

Fortunately for the Clippers, he feels healthy now. After two weeks of rest, the swelling on George's toe has finally resided.

George feels better than he did two weeks ago, but now he has some rust to wear off. He didn't quite perform at his MVP candidate self against the Jazz: 15 points, 6 rebounds, 5 assists, 1 steal, 1 block, on 6/14 shooting. Regardless, the Clippers were very fortunate to have him back.

"I wasn't ready to play 30+ minutes today," George said. "Gotta get back to that basketball conditioning and get that wind back to where it was. As much as I would've loved to play, I probably would've hurt the team being on the floor past the minutes I played tonight."

The Clippers have seven games left before the All-Star break. Their next challenge that awaits them doesn't get any easier, they have the Brooklyn Nets on Sunday.