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The LA Clippers have not been a good basketball team for the last couple of weeks. The team has lost 5 out of the last 7 games, and 6 out of the last 9 games. Despite all of that, Paul George says the team is not in panic mode.

"This is not a time to panic," George said. "We know we're not playing well. All of this is self-inflicted. Coming from our turnovers, starting with me."

While Paul George may be averaging 28.5 PPG in the last two games, he's also averaging 7.5 turnovers - those turnovers are absolutely killing the Clippers. 

 "Again, tonight I was poor with the ball," George said. "We just give teams 20 extra possessions. That's it right there."

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The Clippers have had an incredibly volatile season so far. They started the season losing four out of five games, then winning seven straight, and then losing 6 out of the last nine games. Fortunately for the Clippers, that story can be said for a majority of the teams in the Western Conference as well. No one in the Western Conference besides the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors has played up to their potential. Because of that, the Clippers are still somehow tied for the fourth seed in the west.

The scheduling has been absolutely brutal for the LA Clippers this season. The team is in the midst of playing five games in seven nights and has currently lost their first two games. Up next, are the: Sacramento Kings, Los Angeles Lakers, and Sacramento Kings. It's not very hard for the Clippers to go on a three-game winning streak, but their offense needs to be better.

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