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Golden State Warriors superstar Steph Curry recently did a segment for GQ Sports, where he went undercover online to answer questions from fans. One of the questions read, "Be honest, who played the best defense against you?" After acknowledging that it was a good question, Steph said, "Honestly, my brother, because he knows my game so well. And there's always that vibe of him disarming me while I'm out there. I feel like I'm so proud to see my brother out there on the court, that I kinda get lost in that moment."

While Steph awarded his brother the title of most difficult defender, he did add that "Outside of Seth, I would probably say Tony Allen or Avery Bradley." Since the NBA began tracking matchup data in the 2017-18 season, Steph Curry is shooting 50% from the field in the 145 possessions that Avery Bradley has been his primary defender. In comparison to his brother, Steph is shooting just 36.8% from the field in the 59 possessions that Seth Curry has guarded him over that same span.

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While this matchup data was not available when Tony Allen was in the league, Steph Curry averaged 24.3 PPG on 47/42/93 splits in his 22 career games against Allen. While it would be interesting to see the individual matchup data between those two, it seems as if Steph Curry actually does struggle much more against his brother than the two other defenders he mentioned.

Long story short, nobody in the NBA can stop Steph Curry, but his brother provides some unique challenges that no other defender does.

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