Steve Nash is one of the greatest Canadian athletes of all time. So when Kawhi Leonard finally won the country of Canada a championship in 2019, Nash was a fan. So much so, that Nash believed the Raptors should retire Kawhi Leonard's jersey.

“I don’t see why not, unless they win a bunch of championships," Nash said. If they don’t win another championship in another 10-15 years and it doesn’t look like they’re on the verge, why wouldn’t you retire the jersey?”

Kyle Lowry may be the greatest Raptor ever, but Kawhi Leonard is easily the most important. Winning is the ultimate goal, and Leonard carried the franchise throughout the playoffs when the team could never over the hump. When players were scared to shoot the ball against the Sixers, he wasn't. 

"The game is about winning championships," Nash said. "He came here one year, won you a championship. I could see it if they win like, you know, 5-6 more. But he gave you the ultimate experience."

Nash's statement is an old one, from a 2019 episode of the Knuckleheads podcast. Despite how old it is, the statement continues to ring true. Any superstar player who wins a Finals MVP for a franchise's first-ever championship deserves to have their jersey retired. Since Nash made these statements, Kawhi Leonard became a Clipper and Steve Nash became head coach of the Brooklyn Nets. Kawhi Leonard may no longer be a Toronto Raptor, but his tenure as one should be immortalized - Steve Nash agrees.

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