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32 points and 9 assists in a decisive victory. Nothing new about that for Trae Young. We have become accustomed, maybe even spoiled, to these sorts of performances from Young. The Hawks point guard is well on his way to another All-Star campaign, and likely prestigious league awards.

However, last night was a first for Young as well. Following Monday's 122-104 victory over the Pistons in State Farm Arena, a young fan was pleasantly surprised by a gift from the newest face of adidas basketball. Check out the video below:

As the caption says, those were the first pair of Young's signature shoes - the Adidas Trae Young 1 - he has ever given to a fan after a game. Not only are those shoes game-worn, but they are unreleased to the general public.

For all of us that want to be like Young (and now that fan) the colorway is called the 'SO SO DEF ATL' and hit shelves on November 5 for $140. In an adidas press release, Young said this of his inspiration for the brightly-colored shoe: 

“This colorway is a shoutout and reference to a famous billboard in Atlanta that lets every passerby know who ran the town. On this one, the SO SO DEF logo is printed on the heel and in the sockliner with the exact phrase written on the billboard. Crazy ‘pop’ colors with the yellow and red throughout.” 

Giving a kid a rare pair of shoes is just another example of Young's generosity and sincere kindheartedness. Young and his family have relieved Atlanta families of medical debt, built an amateur sports complex in Oklahoma, and assisted in important public health campaigns. Young is the face of the Hawks and is poised to be the face of the league soon. Honestly, it could not happen to a better guy.

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