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Andre Iguodala Praises Miami Heat Culture Amidst Finals Victory

Iguodala says the Heat helped him develop as a player.

Andre Iguodala is now a four-time NBA champion after the Golden State Warriors’ Finals win. 

Iguodala has been a key part of the Warriors’ championships, including winning the Finals MVP in 2015. He has been recognized for contributions as a player.

However, his most recent championship was capitalized based on his mentorship role.

He says he learned about contributing as a mentor when he was a member of the Miami Heat. Iguodala discussed this mentality with teammate Draymond Green on his podcast, “The Draymond Green Show.”

"Me going to Miami and experiencing the Miami Heat culture,” Iguodala said. “That really helped me come back and accept the role I had. I knew I could still be impactful."

Iguodala did not see a lot of playing time in Miami, but he learned there were other ways to affect the team than statistics. The Heat culture emphasizes performing at a high level and contributing in any way possible.

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Udonis Haslem, the longest tenured player in franchise history, has served as a mentor for the Heat later in his career.

As Iguodala returned to Golden State, his role has been similar to Haslem's. Iguodala only averaged 8.7 minutes this postseason, but his presence was made among his teammates. He was a veteran who helped younger players like Jordan Poole adjust to the big stage. 


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Jayden Armant is a contributor to Inside The Heat. He is a student at Howard University. He can be reached at or follow him on Twitter @jaydenarmant.