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Miami Heat's Kyle Lowry Moves Past Critics Of His Weight

Lowry says he isn't bothered by those who question his weight

Miami Heat guard Kyle Lowry has listened to critics about his weight throughout his career. 

On a recent appearance on the "VC Show" with former NBA player Vince Carter, he talked about it. 

“It used to bother me a lot,” Lowry said. “It used to get to me. It used to really get to me, I’m gonna be honest with you. And now, I don’t care.”

Several fans have questioned Lowry's physique in year's past. At the end of the season, Heat team president Pat Riley called out Lowry for his conditioning. 

“The bottom line with me and for me as far as hoping you can get the most out of a player," Riley said back in June about Lowry. "… You have to be in world class shape, you just have to be. He’s definitely gonna have to address that and it will be addressed.”

It only led to more criticism from fans around the league but Lowry said he's cool dealing with the remarks. 

“Yeah, yeah, thicc’s been good for me,” he said. “Yeah, I’m cool with it. … Y’all can create all the memes y’all want. I embrace it. I love it.”


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