WATCH: RJ Barrett talks about returning to Toronto

Howard Megdal

Contrary to the best efforts by Tom Wolfe to warn us all, RJ Barrett is returning home again to Toronto, where he hopes to play in Wednesday night' game against the Raptors.

For Barrett, the issue is whether he can cast aside an illness that's left him coughing and struggling, by his own acknowledgement, "coughing like crazy during the game" against San Antonio and still bothered him when he met the media on Tuesday.

Even so, the proud Canadian said he has a planned wardrobe feature that will make his allegiance clear, though he wouldn't specify.

"Everyone feels something for where they grew up, where they came from," Barrett told reporters. "For me, Canada, the whole country, had my back. I love them for that."

In what can only be considered a bad omen for the Raptors and a good sign for the Knicks, Barrett said he had a practically unblemished record when he'd go see Toronto play as a child.

"Every time I went to a Raptors game, they lost," Barrett said with a smile. "So I thought I was a curse."

Barrett also weighs in on his nickname, "Maple Mamba."

The Knicks face the Raptors at 7:30 PM Wednesday night.