In the trade that netted the Lakers Anthony Davis, fans wondered who and what they had given up in return. When the dust had finally settled most of the team’s young talent was gone with only Kyle Kuzma left in Los Angeles. The Lakers were unwilling to part with him at the time as they saw him as a piece to build with around AD and LeBron James.

Fast forward two years later and Kuzma didn’t deliver nearly as much as he had in his first two seasons. Of course a large part of that can be attributed to the lesser role he took on to feed the team’s two stars. Still, the team decided to move on from him in search of an upgrade. They did so by sending Kuzma along with Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, Montrezl Harrell, and the No. 22 draft pick. 

At least he was able to help win a title with the team before his departure. Basketball is ultimately a business and Kuzma understands that, but it hasn’t stopped him from showing love to his former team and former teammates. Speaking of teammates, while on the Beyond the Press podcast produced by Kicks, Kuzma revealed who he thought was the best teammate.

Spoiler alert, it wasn’t LeBron James or Davis, but Jared Dudley. 

“He’s the best. He’s the best teammate I’ve ever had in my life.”

Those are some strong words to label Dudley who is also no longer part of the Lakers organization.

“He helps you out. He’s a guy that is the first one to the gym, when he’s there he’s working out. He works was hard as anybody. He’s coaching from the bench, helping guys off the court, and making sure everyone is together. People don’t understand it’s hard to do that too, that’s a big role. He played a huge role on our championship team and never played.”

Dudley recently decided it was time to retire from his job on the court, but decided to transition into one from the bench. The former role player announced that he will be joining the Mavericks coaching staff. 

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