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Dallas Mavs Made Push To Trade For Raptors' Goran Dragic

The Toronto Raptors have rebuffed the Dallas Mavericks' efforts to acquire Goran Dragic via trade.

DALLAS - Before the thick of the NBA offseason was underway, the Dallas Mavericks made it clear that acquiring a secondary ball handler to pair with Luka Doncic will be a priority.

Sights were initially set on Kawhi Leonard as a primary target in the event he were to show indication he was considering a departure from the LA Clippers. It quickly became clear that it was not the case and their efforts would come up short. 

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It became clear that Leonard had intentions of remaining with the Clippers to which the focus then shifted to signing Kyle Lowry in free agency. With the Miami Heat being a strong front-runner early to sign Lowry, the Mavericks' outlook to get it done was poor.

As reported by Marc Stein, the Mavericks did 'aggressively' attempt to acquire Goran Dragic using a trade from the Raptors. Those efforts have been rebuffed as Toronto needs to be incentivized to move the player they acquired for Kyle Lowry. 

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When evaluating the landscape, it seems clear that Dallas will need to make a genuinely intriguing trade offer if the goal is to acquire Dragic. The Raptors organization does not have a history of doing buyouts and the team acquired Dragic in exchange for Kyle Lowry. 

The options are bleak for a secondary ball-handler without using a trade. When considering the lack of assets the Mavericks have to offer, those options are underwhelming, too. 

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Dragic not only checks the box of being another pick-and-roll ball handler that can initiate offense, he would bring a leadership presence that already resonates with Luka Doncic. 

The Mavericks could wait for a buyout or to complete a trade but that could prove to be a real risk when considering other teams will be intrigued by the prospect of acquiring Dragic.