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Skip Bayless: Suns & Devin Booker 'Showboat' To NBA Finals Loss?

Devin Booker only scored 10 points on Sunday night in Game 3 of the Finals, and was benched during the fourth quarter. Skip Bayless is pretending to have answers.

Phoenix Suns standout Devin Booker only scored 10 points on Sunday night in Game 3 of the NBA Finals, and as a result was benched during the fourth quarter.

It was a controversial move in what became a 120-100 Milwaukee victory to pull the Bucks to a 2-1 series record. And of course, "fault-finding'' has become the order of the day for NBA analysts.

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Which brings us to Skip Bayless, who isn't an NBA analyst but who does play one on TV.

On Monday, Bayless appeared on FS1's "Undisputed'' to offer his thoughts on the benching. (Below, the video can be seen in a tweet embedded from the Undisputed Twitter account.)

So, it's coach Monty Williams' fault, eh? Bayless suggests this - and then outrageously claims the coach pulled Booker to the bench as a "grandstand'' move - even while claiming that he, Bayless, is. "big Monty Williams fan.''

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There is, knowing Skip, a distinct possibility that not only is he not a "big Monty Williams fan,'' but that in truth, the shock-jock TV host up until these NBA Playoffs had no really idea who even coaches the Phoenix Suns.

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But we plow on, with Williams being at fault ... until seven minutes later on the program, when Skip shifted gears.

Wait. So it was Booker's fault? Bayless, in his usual cornball fashion - himself more of a “showboat” than any NBA Figure - tries to describe colorfully the failure of Booker ... but fails even more miserably than Booker.

In the end, in seven minutes, Bayless' fake ire had turned from the Booker problem being a coach problem to being a player problem. And how does this happen? It happens any time people in the media business are allowed to make up opinions, allowed to falsified expertise - because when you are lying, constantly, it is impossible to remember which lie is which.

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