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Luka Doncic Turns Ankle as We Turn To Step-Back Pod Ep. 54: Kobe, Mavs Home Struggles and A Final NBA Trade Deadline Preview

This week, Dalton and Matt remember Kobe Bryant, talk about the Mavs home woes, and have a trade deadline discussion. ... And now have to worry about Luka Doncic's ankle on the way to Houston

Welcome to Episode 54 of the ‘Mavs Step Back Podcast'. Dalton Trigg and Matt Galatzan are your hosts, and you can read all of their work here at, as well as follow along with their Mavs conversations on Twitter: @dalton_trigg and @MattGalatzan.

The first problem, before we get into the podcast, is a Luka Doncic problem. The Dallas Mavericks revealed following the Thursday working before the team headed to Houston before the nationally-televised Friday meeting with the Rockets, that Doncic "turned his right ankle'' (coach Rick Carlisle's words) during the workout.

"Don't know the status,'' Carlisle said.

Is there some optimism here regarding the 20-year-old MVP candidate? We suppose that is relative ...

Meanwhile ... This week, Dalton and Matt start out this episode by remembering the late, great Kobe Bryant, who tragically lost his life in a helicopter crash Sunday along with his daughter and seven others. The guys talk about how they never liked Kobe as a Mavs' opponent in the first half of his career but softened their feelings on him towards the end with him and Dirk Nowitzki showing each other mutual respect every time they got the chance. 

From there, the guys then discuss why it is that the Mavs struggle at home this season, yet thrive on the road. (Maybe they'll thrive in Houston on Friday, too, if ...) 

And with just one week remaining until the NBA trade deadline... how are we feeling about the lack of Mavs rumors right now? Thanks for listening!

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